About Assessments 

Primary School and Secondary School 


It may be that a school, teacher or other professional have requested more information regarding a certain skill set. This might be a focus on behaviour, reading, writing, organisation or communication skills for example.


If an assessment and report have previously been obtained, Acorn Care can help to update prior information and provide an improved understanding of current abilities and difficulties.


Acorn Care can work with parents to help them have an understanding of their child’s difficulties and know how best to help them at home.


Acorn Care can provide benchmark assessments to determine levels of ability in English, Maths, and Science to compare and determine the progress over the academic year. Regular check in once you have a benchmark can also be useful.

Secondary Specifically: An Acorn Care report is useful as evidence for exam access arrangement. This can be at any age, but it is typically useful for external examinations between the ages 16 to 18. Accommodations can include extra time, amanuensis (scribe), prompter, reader as well as many other options as per individual needs.



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