Specialised Support

We believe that building a relationship is foundational. All therapies are provided by a trained staff that can be at home, at school, or at our office. We offer 45 - 60-minute session depending on the age and attention levels of the child. 

Writing the Write Way!

Fridays 3:30 

Girls ages 8-10

These classes are for girls who may not think they are writers. Everyone is a writer! This class is specialised to help girls see the value of what they have to say with an evidence-based approach to writing. The girls build confidence by talking to each other and sharing their ideas. Lots of positive praise and inspiration to be found.

Cost 650 session

Follow up ideas for home

Causeway Bay


Individual Support

Having a reading tutor who understanding the child from a whole-person perspective is essential in helping the child to learn to read. Combing a strong systematic, multisensory approach and a strong relationship, allows the child to make gains unlike traditional ways of learning to read.  Our teachers are trained to see the student's strengths in order to support the areas of growth. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with the school as well in order to provide the best support. 

Reading Rockets 

Children age 8-12

Thursday 3:30-4:30

 or 4:30-5:30

Does your child have difficulty reading and often doesn't want to? This is the class for your child who needs exposure to fantastic books, key strategies to learn to read for pleasure. This class allows students imaginations to come alive and sail into new worlds they never imagined. 



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Java Commerical Centre

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