Why Acorn Care is different

We understand that your child is unique and unlike anyone else. That is why we always want to speak on the phone first, so we can listen to your needs and provide a service that matches. We are amazing listeners, so tell us your story by booking a phone consultation. 


Complete Academic and Cognitive Assessment

A 3-hour assessment that locates the strengths and challenges in school (reading, writing, maths) compared to the cognitive ability. It includes a full report with strategies and recommendations to move forward towards achieving their greatest potential

Dyslexia Assessment

Providing a variety of assessments, Acorn Care will identify the indicators and provide a cognitive and academic profile that would lead to a dyslexia diagnosis. Most importantly, strategies and recommendations will be provided in a full report. 



How Stephanie helps Teens through Coaching

  • Create measurable and achievable weekly academic and personal life goals.

  • Create and track "accountability and commitment" plan

  • Conduct weekly communication with all teachers and follow-up discussion with parent.

  • Increase test preparation including study skills

  • Develop weekly written self-assessment/progress report completed by teen for both personal and academic goals

  • Agenda/notebook-checked each session

  • Improve Time and Organizational skills

  • Assign reading each week with reflective writing

  • Attend school meetings and conferences

How Neelam can support through Counselling

Counselling has been defined in many ways. The essence of counselling is:

  • To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.

  • Counselling supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.

  • Counselling builds awareness empowers choice and leads to change.

  • Counselling is based on a therapeutic relationship supported by evidence-based interventions to help you find the best path forward.

Free 15 minute phone call to begin* 

All therapies sessions are  $1000/hour

Our goal is to ensure that we build relationships and make sure the therapist and child are a good match. We pride ourselves on research and meeting the needs of every student. 

  • Multi-sensory reading support for students with dyslexia

  • Behaviour interventions

  • Social thinking (how the social world works)

  • Homework support

  • Bullying 

  • Anxiety 

  • Test preparation 

  • Resilience Training


Consultation - By phone (no charge)


Presentation to Staff and EAs can include and tailored to the school

  1.   Understanding behaviour in the classroom

  2.   The Inclusive Classroom 

  3.   Supporting children with a diagnosis in the classroom

  4.   Sensory Regulation

  5.   Executive Functioning tricks and tips

  6.   Early Intervention in school

* Custom PD available for schools/organisations available. 


*Test Preparation package includes​

  • Includes 2, 1-hour sessions with the child

  • Feedback to parents after each session

  • Full report with recommendations 



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