Positive Psychology Workshop for Mums

A 2 part course designed and tailored to help you re-discover who you are, encourage you to find your authentic self, and what you offer to your family. Positive Psychology helps to uncover what is working well in your life and understanding your strengths to move to a better state of well-being. It uses scientific and evidence-based interventions to promote flourishing. 


Monday 2 September 2019 -7pm - 8:30pm

Monday 9 September 2019 -7pm - 8:30pm

COST: 3,600 HKD for 2 sessions including (10% discount if signed up before August 21)

1.  Refreshments (Tea/Coffee/Sparkling Water)

2.  1 Strengths-based assessment with report (valued at 800 HKD)

3. 1 Positive interventions suitability assessment (valued at 800 HKD)

4. 10% off personal coaching sessions

*due to the care and duty for each mum, max 6 participants

Location: Level 18, Admiralty Centre Tower II, 18 Harcourt Admiralty (Compass Office) 

Goal Setting

Week 1 allows time to analyse different components of your life and decide where you want to make changes. 


Week 2 uses testing to identify your strengths. Identify your top 5 strengths and start to see changes in your life.

Positive Emotions

Week 3 debunks the myth that positive thinking is the way forward. L:earn about the power of positive emotions to gain engagement and reduce stress.

Positive Interventions

Week 4 you will choose and implement an evidence based intervention that will boost your well-being that can last up to 6 months.

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