Family Support

It can be very difficult to navigate the education world in Hong Kong. We are able to tailor support to meet your needs. Over the years, we've met different children with different needs, and through our specialized approach of love, care, and psychological support, we make it easier for families.

Case Management

Seeing the whole picture of your child is vital. As a case manager, we make connections to the therapist and school and help to make a consolidated plan.  In addition, we can attend school meetings to help the school and family find common ground through a solution-focused approach. We help to coach parents on learning the 'lingo' of different providers and what they do (OT, SLT, PT)  and how to ask the right questions when working with different providers. Lastly, we consolidate records to write a report that can provide a snap-shot of the child to provide for schools, teachers,

Second Opinion

We can help review very detailed reports from professionals and provide clarity on the issue. These are very long documents that often have jargon. We help to translate what this means for your child in the classroom and what home support may be needed. We can prioritise the goals and help clarify any questions you may have. offer alternative assessments that can help confirm the needs or provide new insight. 

Helper Training

Choosing childcare can be an extremely rewarding experience, but often nerve-racking. At different points of childhood, children can exhibit different behaviours or may have been newly diagnosed. Acorn care provides training for helpers to provide the most positive and effective ways to help children gain understanding and learn skills that will help them to manage their own behaviour. 



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