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We are providing practical solutions for at-home learning and working from home well-being. We know how important it is to stay healthy and and having a support system is important.

Laptop & Coffee

Well-being Coaching 

Are you drained? Are you ready to make changes that will impact your daily life? Let us get you back to feeling a bit more rejuvenated, less stressed and set some actions. By skilfully listening, questioning, reflecting, encouraging, challenging and supporting, as a well-being coach I will guide you to take charge of their well-being.  Tell me about your daily life, let's look at options, and move forward.
Some exercise we will try:
Savouring the good things
Best possible self
Kindness boosters...
and many more based on your needs. 

Kids Painting

With Stephanie

Individual lessons for your children to focus their attention on what's going well, new and engaging activities, and helping parents get some time needed to do your tasks of the day.  If your child is age 7-11, we can provide a custom made check-ins Monday to Friday! We are happy to accommodate either mini-lessons every day or a few times a week. We will be using Zoom to talk, learn new concepts, and provide ideas for home learning tasks. Having a qualified teacher to support will help bring iwth routine and keep boredom away.

General Structure -
Check-in activity
Story/Conversation topic (age-dependent)
Set Task



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