Helper Training

Choosing childcare can be an extremely rewarding experience, but often nerve-racking. At different points of childhood, children can exhibit different behaviours or may have been newly diagnosed. Acorn care provides training for helpers to provide the most positive and effective ways to help children gain understanding and learn skills that will help them to manage their own behaviour.

Helper training will impact the child by:

  • the child will have a strong sense of identity

  • the child will be connected with and contribute to his or her world

  • the child will have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • the child will be a confident and involved learner

  • the child will be an effective communicator

The helper will be able to 

  • demonstrates respect for children

  • show knowledge of children’s development and learning 

  • have understanding and knowledge of each child, including background, culture, community and family 

  • will be proactive and positive 

  • recognises the child’s strengths 

  • does not use any form of corporal punishment or any discipline that is unreasonable



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