Academic Assessements

The assessment process is where we can ask the right questions, investigate deeply, and provide answers. 

The Why

Understanding the way your child learns is an invaluable asset. Even more valuable is a child being able to gain an understanding of their own learning; this gives them access to a personal toolkit of learning strategies. Having access to their own tools, and understanding how to utilise them, puts them in a strong position to overcome challenges. In time, difficult tasks become broken down into manageable parts and resilience becomes automatic. Ultimately, this leads to improvements in performance in school, confidence and well-being.

The How

The student is assessed for 1-3 hours, depending on the assessments needed. The student will complete the testing with Stephanie who has been qualified through The British Psychology Society (BPS). Members of the BPS are in a unique situation in being able to access certain tests that would otherwise be restricted. The assessor will supplement their findings with parent interviews, previous reports and by taking into consideration a wide range of factors. Stephanie likes to end an assessment by assimilating all their findings to create recommendations and strategies to improve future learning. This will highlight the potential of the child, and guide them towards the next step of their learning path.

The What

We use a variety of assessments that are needed for each students needs. However, our main assessment is a trusted assessment by schools and teachers in Hong Kong, the Woodcock-Johnson Fourth Edition (WJ IV) is a comprehensive system that has three independent, standardised tests: academic, language, and cognitive abilities. It accurately evaluates learning and improves instructional outcomes for children that no other assessment can. All the information gathered in these assessments has been standardised by internationally recognised methods.



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